What can I get?

The financial support you may get will depend on different things such as:

  • Residency – you must meet the current government criteria for residency i.e. where you were born, have and are living, etc.;
  • What course you want to study;
  • How old you are;
  • If you are wanting to study full-time or part-time;
  • Where you would like to study i.e. distance from your home;
  • Financial circumstance i.e. household income assessment in most cases;
  • If you have studied before and received funding over the age of 18 at the time.

Please kindly remember that not everyone who applies for funding is eligible – there is no automatic entitlement and you must apply to have an assessment carried out of your eligibility prior to being given your decision of award.

There is a new Scottish Government website created called Student Information Scotland, as the central point, to communicate comprehensive and consistent messaging and advice to students, across both Further and Higher Education (FE & HE), via its dedicated Covid-19 content page.

This new website brings together both FE and HE in the one place for the first time.  It includes a budget calculator and a funding checker, so not only does it tell students, their parents / carers, how much they may need, it also provides an estimate on how much funding they could potentially receive.

We are keen to encourage users to visit the new site to help them to make informed decisions, based on their finances, as well as accessing up to date information as COVID-19 continues to unfold. 

To date the dedicated COVID-19 area has successfully signposted students to up to date information, including but not limited to:

  • Student Action Plan – Emergency Hardship Funds
  • Accommodation and Mental Health
  • Exams and Applications
  • FAQ’s based on Covid-19 enquiries
  • CNOD Guidance
  • Travel
  • Cyber Security / Resilience
  • Student Volunteering
  • Finding a job

Please click here for the new website, for up-to-date information, as this situation develops.  We encourage students to provide feedback on the site, using this feedback link which can also be accessed on the front page of the website.

British Sign Language Videos

A series of new BSL videos that SAAS have produced are available on their website - click here to view
These videos provide very important information on how to apply for SAAS funding and what different types of funding exist.