The Board of Management is responsible for overseeing the College’s activities, determining its future direction and fostering an environment in which the College’s vision is achieved. Members are appointed following a fair, open and merit-based recruitment process, and the Board also includes the College Principal, elected members of staff and representatives of the Student Association.

Board of Management

  • Keith McKellar

    Keith McKellar

    Keith McKellar, Chair of the Board of Management
  • Liz Connolly

    Liz Connolly

    Principal & Chief Executive
  • Jacqueline Henry

    Jacqueline Henry

    Vice Chair of the Board of Management
  • Nick Allan

    Nick Allan

    Board of Management
  • Jim Hannigan

    Jim Hannigan

    Board of Management
  • Andrew Hetherington

    Andrew Hetherington

    Board of Management
  • Jenifer Johnston

    Jenifer Johnston

    Board of Management
  • John McMillan

    John McMillan

    Board of Management
  • Mark Newlands

    Mark Newlands

    Board of Management
  • Linda Johnston

    Linda Johnston

    Board of Management
  • John Leburn

    John Leburn

    Board of Management
  • Angela Wilson

    Angela Wilson

    Board of Management
  • David Watson

    David Watson

    Teaching Staff Member on the Board
  • Vanessa Thompson

    Vanessa Thompson

    Students' Association President
  • Steven Cairney

    Steven Cairney

    Support Staff Member on the Board

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Registers of Interests


Schedule of Meetings


Corporate Development


Organisational Development and HR

Learning, Teaching and Quality

Finance and General Purposes