Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not have a computer to apply online?

Please contact the Student Services Team at your chosen campus who will advise you further on the process.

Can I apply for funding before I accept a place on a course for the Academic Year 2023/24?

No, once you have been offered a place on a course and you have accepted it, an email will be generated and sent to your email address that you supplied when you submitted your online course application.

What information do I need to activate my account?

You will need your student reference number which will be detailed on the top of your invite to apply for funding email and on any other correspondence from the college.  This is your student matriculation number.  Returning students will have the same number as the previous year.

Do I need a username?

Yes, this will be the student number detailed on all correspondence from the College and will be detailed at the top of your invite to apply for funding email.

Do I need a password?

Yes, you will be prompted to create a password at least 8 characters in length, which must contain a capital letter and a number (please keep a note of these details).

Is that all the information I need to activate my account?

Yes, once your account is created you are ready to apply for your funding.

What information do I need to complete my application?

If you are applying for EMA, BURSARY or ACCOMMODATION funds you will need details of your household income and your Bank Account Number and Sort Code.

If you are applying for CHILDCARE we also require the name and address of your childcare provider.

I currently have a childcare provider, can I continue to use this facility?

Yes, please provide name and address of your childcare provider, provided they are approved by the Care Commission.

What happens after I submit my application?

You will receive an email requesting the documents we require as evidence to support your application.  These requests will also be shown to you throughout your application submission on your funding account.  You can check this at any time by logging into your funding account.

Where do I send these documents?

The uploading of documentation facility within the online application process has been further developed to allow for clear pictures of required documentation to be uploaded seamlessly from smart phones/tablets making the submission process faster for students.  Please ensure to upload all required pages of documentation.  Clear photographs of documents will be accepted provided that all information can be read.

What if I am unable to upload documents?

If you do not have the facility to upload documents please contact the funding department directly at where will try to assist you.

What happens if I do not get the documents in on time?

If we do not receive all the documents requested on time your application may be delayed or cancelled. If you have any problems obtaining any of the documents requested please contact the student funding department at as soon as possible.

Students will be emailed on a two week basis requesting documents. You will have a total of 28 days from date of submission before the application is cancelled.

Can I check the progress of my application?

Yes, you can log back in to your account at any time using your email address and password you created to check the progress of your application.  You will also be able to check on any outstanding documents we require to assess your award.  Here you can use the Communication tab to send us an email.

When will I receive my student funding award?

You should receive your award within 4/6 weeks from the date all your requested documents are submitted to us.  Length of waiting time will be dependent on the volume of applications we have and if during our busiest times, this may take longer.

How will I receive my award?

You will receive your award by email.  Payment will be made on the dates stated on your Payment Schedule providing you have met the minimum requirements.

If there is a delay in my application will I received the funding from the date I started on the course?

Students will have a maximum of 6 weeks from the official start date of their course to apply and submit all required documentation in order to have their award backdated to the date they started their course. Applications submitted after the 6 weeks from start date of course will be assessed on the date the fully completed application and final required documentation was received. This is in accordance with Scottish Funding Council Policies for funding. Example of cut-off for backdating of funds is for courses which start on 23/08/2021, the cut-off for backdate is 03/10/2021 therefore applications received after this date would be assessed from the date the fully submitted application was made.  All students studying full-time at NC level or equivalent should make an application, even just to have their course fee paid.  All HNC/D and equivalent students should apply directly to SAAS at to have their fees paid.  Any student who does not have fee cover by 31/10/2021 will be sent an invoice by our Finance Department to have the cost of their fees paid.