How does it work?

You will be sent an invite via email to apply for funding only when you have accepted a place on your chosen course of study.  Please note however, if you have received a ‘Conditional’ offer of place on your chosen course of study, please be aware that this email does not confirm your place has been accepted and you should liaise with your course department for clarification on this.  However, you can still apply to have your funding in place.

College administered funding is assessed and processed through the Student Funding Department here at West College Scotland at both non-advanced (FE) and advanced (HE) levels.  HE college administered funding only includes childcare and accommodation assistance.

Funding is an allowance requiring satisfactory attendance, conduct and full engagement on your course in each week. The expectation is that you will attend all your timetabled classes and use where necessary the procedure to cover any absences you may have had.  Unsatisfactory reports will result in non-payment of funds for the period reviewed.

Funds are assessed following Scottish Government Policy Criteria. Anyone who satisfies the residential requirements can apply for funding. In most cases, if you have been ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom for the last 3 years and are resident in Scotland on the date your course starts, you are likely to be eligible. There are a number of special cases in relation to residency requirements that may need further clarity of eligibility and for those students who are not eligible to have their fees paid should make direct contact with the College Finance Department to ensure alternative arrangements are put in place prior to starting their course.