Get Involved

Voluntary Officer

You can become a Voluntary Officer that will help us work on a specific area, this could include:

Mental Health

Care Experience






Class Rep

Become a Class Rep and play a vital role within the College, by ensuring that the student voice is represented and heard. As a Class Rep you will represent the views of your class group and keep your group fully informed of any developments or issues that impact upon them during their time at college. This is done through curriculum meetings at the end of each block


What are the benefits of getting involved?

Make a difference – Being a Class Rep allows you to get actively involved in the decisions made about your education. It is a great way of increasing the quality and standards within the college and can benefit you, your peers and future students.

Transferable Skills – There are countless skills you can develop as a Rep such as: negotiation, diplomacy, problem solving and communications skills, both in your training and in your role. These are skills that can benefit your studies, personal life and in your future career.


Prospective employers want to see more than just a qualification and often look for those with the types of skills above. If you can show you have done something outside of your course, then this will prove you can juggle different responsibilities.