Course Overview

Learning activities will be designed to raise awareness and knowledge of specific learning difficulties in general and dyslexia specifically.  The impact of these conditions on the individual in the workplace will be developed.

Areas to be covered include:

  • Learn what dyslexia is and its different forms;
  • Learn about the positive aspects of dyslexia;
  • Learn some strategies/learning styles that could support children with dyslexia;
  • Learn what professional support and testing is available;
  • Learn what other hidden disabilities might co-exist with dyslexia;
    • Learn how a person with dyslexia may feel and the barriers they may face and gain an insight into what it is to be dyslexic;
    • Learn what to look for that may indicate a child is dyslexic;
    • Learn where dyslexia fits in to the Equalities Act.

Progression and Career Opportunities

PDA in Working with and Supporting Adults with Dyslexia

Learner Engagement

All sessions during the day will be a mix of lectures, engaging discussion and one to one coaching. They will be tailored to suit the individual needs of non-standard learners and to promote learner engagement. 

Learning materials will take the form of a customised course text developed by the delivery team with examples contextualised to suit the auto-biographies of the learners and also the workplace environment. Learners will be encouraged to engage actively in the learning process through questioning and discussion.  

Teaching staff are skilled in meeting learner needs and assessing progress in learning and will adapt the learning sessions accordingly. This will ensure that learners gain the maximum benefit from attendance.

Programme Information

Duration: 1 session of 6 hours in duration with the opportunity if required of online learning support outwith the prescribed learning periods

Price: £65 per person or £695 for a group of 12 maximum

For further information on this course and its start dates contact or call 0141 581 2121


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