Based in Greenock , Care Monitoring 2000 offers time and attendance based solutions for  the health and social care sector. Working within 80 local authorities in the UK; the Greenock team looks after nearly half of all local authorities in Scotland.

Providing a quality service to their customers is at the heart of Care Monitoring 2000 offering - with this in mind they contacted the College early on in the year for some team training.

Brian Brown,  CM 2000’s Scottish Director said, "As we are a small team of five and we all had different skill sets – from age, life experience, academic qualifications and work experience, it was important to have effective communication and presentation skills to develop the team further. So, we got in touch with College to see how they could help."

CM 2000 embarked on a two day bespoke training programme which was delivered at their premises in Greenock.

Sharron Rodger, Business and Development Executive at West College Scotland said, "We are always keen to work with local companies so we can tailor training to their specific needs. This particular training programme focussed on challenging the CM2000 team and to get them out of their comfort zone."

Brian added, "Many of the team have to lead on presentations, chair meetings and communicate effectively over the telephone – so having this workshop definitely increased people’s confidence. I’ve been used to presenting over the years, so I’m quite comfortable with it, but I can appreciate that for others it can be daunting."

Part of the programme challenged team members to deliver a 2 minute presentation on themselves whilst they were being filmed –the group provided feedback. The team focussed on tacking nerves whilst presenting, tips for making an interesting presentation and handling questions.

Care Monitoring 2000 were clear that as a small team with varied roles, it was imperative that the communication foundations were put in place to build upon and develop further. However, the Greenock based company were keen to keep their learning experience local and knew that bespoke training would be available at West College Scotland. 

The training we received was superb – good value and tailored to our specifications. The trainer leading the sessions was fantastic and extremely flexible in his approach. He had lots of good ideas and was responsive to the team – it was a first class experience all round.

When asking Brian if he’s consider using the colleges training again he said, "Absolutely. This has been a great way to develop the employees and come back to occupational based training. We work well together anyway, but there is always room for improvement. This training has ensured that everyone is working closer as a team."

Sharron added, "We’ve been delighted with the excellent feedback received from Care Monitoring 2000, and hope we can provide suitable training in the future."

For further information on how the College can provide training solutions for your business, please call Sharron on 01475 553044 or email