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HIT Scotland and the Scottish Tourism Alliance launch Tourism and Hospitality Talent Development Programme.

Covid19 has hit the economy hard, with Tourism and Hospitality being one of the most affected sectors. The industry is going through one of its greatest challenges in living memory. One of the ways it will recover effectively is by having great people leading their business and focusing on their teams.

In response to this, HIT Scotland and the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) has developed a virtual Leadership, Management and Supervisory training programme, designed to motivate and develop top talent in order to support the recovery of the Tourism and Hospitality sector in Scotland.

The key challenges that the industry faces can only be adequately dealt with by having in place strong leadership and management across all areas of the industry. This programme will give the future leaders of the industry the skills, knowledge and networks to make an impact when the green shooter appears.

West College Scotland’s Head of Hospitality, Tourism, Languages and Business, Jim McAllister, said,

It’s been an extremely difficult time for the sector, with many challenges ahead. It’s fantastic to see HIT Scotland and STA responding to these times in such a positive way, to develop and enhance the workforce that will help the industry recover. We’re delighted to support this programme in any way that we can.

This programme is funded by the Scottish Government and being administered by HIT Scotland and STA. 

There will be 975 places available for this programme, with 13 groups of 25 people able to take part in each of the three categories - Supervisor, Manager, Leader.

Starting next month this FREE programme is only available to those who are deemed eligible - currently employed full-time or part-time or who are furloughed within the Scottish hospitality and tourism industry.

More information on this programme, eligibility, dates and how to apply can be found here.