Joanna Sansom, 27, an NC Higher Social Care student at our Greenock campus joined the College with dreams of becoming a midwife. After an unexpected start to her placement, her learning took her on a different path which has turned out to be the best thing that could have happened! Following her recent achievement of securing a full-time position with her placement organisation Joanna is keen to share her story.

Joanna’s story:

I started the course last year with the intention to become a midwife or child nurse. When I found out I was going to be doing a placement as part of my course I was excited until my lecturer, Kate Kennedy told me I would be working with in a care home, I thought, “I want to work with kids, why am I going to work in a care home?”  But how wrong could I have been!?

My placement started in November when I was in Clarence Court Care Home in Partick, Glasgow where I worked with the Activities Coordinators. I LOVED it the second I got there! The activities I would be involved in would be things like working with the residents, playing games and taking them out on trips. It was just so much fun.

I put my all into the placement as I loved it so much and as a result I was offered a full time job which is start on 2nd March as a 'Magic Moments Club Assistant'. I will return to College in the future to study one day, hopefully in a midwifery course but right now I'm so happy in the job that I do.

The best thing is seeing the faces of the residents light up when they hear they are going somewhere nice or just taking them out for tea, it is the best feeling!

Kate Kennedy, Joanna's lecturer said, "Joanna was keen from the start of the course to learn and develop new skills that she could take with her to placement, and she participated fully in all aspects of the course, I was over the moon when she informed me she had been offered a full time job in an area that she had never considered before, but it just goes to show that until you try something who knows whether or not this may be the right path for you."

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