Carpentry and Joinery

Luc McCavanagh always new from a very young age that he wanted a career in Construction. With aspirations to become a Joiner, Luc saw the opportunity to come to West College Scotland during his 4th year at Clydeview Secondary school, to complete a Level 4 construction course which gave him a taster of the industry. He completed and passed the course successfully, progressing to the next level of schools vocational programme at the College in his 5th year.

Once successfully completed, Luc chose to stay on at school whilst studying a fulltime college NPA Joinery course at the same time. During that time, he saw an advert for apprenticeship joiners within the local authority, for which he applied and was successful in gaining an apprenticeship.

Luc said,

“I feel that taking part in the school/college vocational options helped me achieve my dream career of becoming a Joiner.”