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Wander through three marvellous exhibitions from the comfort of your home, and celebrate this massive achievement for the Creative Industries Department.

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Interior & Graphic Design (Paisley Campus)

The HND Interior & Graphic Design students at our Paisley Campus are proud to bring you their end of year exhibition – online! Through the use of an online interactive 3D Virtual Gallery, students are able to display their array of fine work - giving users the chance to experience the atmosphere of a design exhibition. Both staff and students have worked tirelessly to compile and create this project as they present their work online – a first for the College.

 Click HERE to access this Gallery.

I am overwhelmed by the standard of work that our HND students have created for this year’s Virtual Exhibition. Considering the current climate and the overall effect on education; to produce such magnificent work to showcase their talents, blows me away! The staff and students have worked tirelessly to compile and create an interactive online exhibition, that allows the user to navigate around the gallery and to fully explore the student artwork in high resolution – stunning  They have created an exhibition of the highest standard and I am very proud of all the staff and students involved – wonderful!

Billy Kinnear, Curriculum Quality Leader: Creative Industries - Paisley Campus


HND Photography (Paisley Campus)

For the past 25 years the photography students in Paisley have exhibited their pictures at the end of their course. 

Previous exhibitions have been in the Kelvingrove Museum, The Lighthouse Gallery and other prestigious locations in either in Glasgow or Paisley. 

This year everything is different – however the students on the course in Paisley were determined that their work should be seen. 

An online exhibition has been created by the tutors and students at the college to showcase their work and celebrate their success. It is open to the public for anyone to see. Mill Magazine, who have worked with the students this year have given a commercial input with their very successful Renfrewshire wide lifestyle Magazine. 

The fully funded HNC Photography course still has some places starting in Autumn this year. Click here to apply 

 Click HERE to access this Gallery.

The students have been so enthusiastic and active – determined to keep learning. It is amazing what has been achieved by everyone since lockdown. Photography has been a great subject to learn at this time- it’s great to get out (or stay in!) and be creative.

Robert Tabor, Curriculum Leader: Photography - Paisley Campus


Creative Industries

Showcasing: HN Photography, Media, Graphic Design & Illustration and Architectural Design (Clydebank) & Fine Art (Paisley)

The Creative Industries Departments from our Clydebank & Paisley Campuses have come together to bring you their end of year display showcase.

This year, the department presents its showcase via an online Virtual 3D Gallery that displays the amazing work from various subject areas online. This Virtual Gallery has allowed our students to showcase their work and storytelling via an interactive software that allows visitors to explore multimedia artwork in a beautiful, accessible and flexible way. 

 Click HERE to access this Gallery.

As a wise woman once said "Necessity is the mother of invention". This years students have had to work harder than any other year, through incredibly difficult circumstances, and we wanted to give them a send off that they would remember. Something their family and friends could share with them even if they could not be together. We had to get creative, and luckily for us we have some damn talented lecturers on our team who were up for the challenge of creating a virtual world for our students to display their work in. On June 18th the digital doors will open and you will be able to walk the corridors of their gallery, hear the students speak, watch their films, admire their drawings and designs. The gallery will remain open over the summer and we encourage everyone to visit us, raise a glass and share in their success.

Marisa Giannasi, Curriculum Quality Leader: Art,Design, Photography & Media - Clydebank Campus