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The College is pleased to announce that the Mini Game Jam events, led by award winning lecturer Dr Amanda Ford, will be going ahead with Amanda providing support to schools through an online community set up using the Scottish schools intranet Glow.

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The Mini Game Jam is now entering its 8th year and has seen over 1600 children across Scotland take part since the first event was hosted. 

The Mini Game Jam encourages Primary 7 children to be creative and devise a game in a short space of time based on a theme which they are only given at the start of the day, during the day the pupils work with peers from other schools in their local area. 

The final event this year will be held on the 17 June 2020 at West College Scotland. 

This year the College has been awarded funds from Education Scotland to help support an online community of practice for educators. This will enable schools across Scotland to take part and participate in the Game Jam final without having to travel.  

The College is also pleased to offer online CPD sessions for educators that will focus on using Scratch to create your own games. They will run online through Teams in Glow on the following dates:  

  • 13 November 7-8pm - Introduction to Games with Scratch & the Game Jam EventThis session will discuss getting your own game jam event set up and then take you through creating a maze game in Scratch.  
  • 27 November 7-8pm - Levelling up -Extending the Maze Game. This session will build on the maze game that was created in the previous session and add new features to enhance your game such as extra levels and start/end screens.  
  • 15 January 7-8pm - Collecting Game. This session will introduce new game mechanics by creating your own sweet collecting game and add scoring features.  
  • 29 January 7-8pm - Bat and Ball Game. This session will cover movement of sprites, creating 2 player games and scoring.  
  • 26 February  7-8pm - Creating a Quiz. This session will look at how to create your own quizzes in Scratch. 
  • 11 March  7-8pm -Putting it all together and preparing for the Game Jam.This session is to help educators with any queries they may have on getting set up for an event or Scratch issues. 

Finally, there will be a session on 30  January from 7-8pm for any educator to help them set up their own game jam event. This session is particularly suitable for primary and secondary teachers especially those with an interest in transition events between primary/secondary. 

If you wish to be added to the team, take part in the sessions or want more information please contact Amanda Ford  - 

 This programme is being supported by Education Scotland’s Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM Grants Programme through the Scottish Government STEM Education and Training Strategy.