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Course overview

What will I learn?

This practical Unit is designed to allow candidates to apply the basic principles and components required for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, to develop manual skills in the TIG welding of low carbon steels and non-ferrous materials and to provide the opportunity to recognise the requirements of welding standards and specifications

You will:

  • access and evaluate technical literature and written information, including health and safety requirements
  • analyse the task and its component elements
  • investigate and select equipment and consumables appropriate to welding processes
  • complete practical activities
  • evaluate your finished results and complete an inspection report

What qualifications do I need?

Candidates should have an interest and awareness of welding processes.

What can I do after?

Manuel Metal Arc (MMA) Welding Skills F5F6 12



Programme Information

Start Date: 28 November 2019

Duration: 12 Weeks/ Every Thursday Evening

Time: 6pm to 9pm

Cost: £200

This course is ITA approved please click HERE

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