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“I’d highly recommend Enabling Services – having this provision made things so much easier for me.”

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Having one person recommend Enabling Services is great, but how much more convinced would you be of its importance if multiple people shared, and voiced, the same view?

I wouldn’t have made it to University if it wasn’t for the support I was given at College.

It’s made my whole entire course more manageable.

It’s such a worthwhile service for students to be able to use at college and it’s the best experience I’ve ever had.

It’s the best thing I’ve done.

But what is Enabling Services? Run by West College Scotland, Enabling Services supports those who have additional needs, whether that be visual or hearing impairments, learning difficulties, physical medical conditions or mental health issues.

With the main aim of helping students fulfil their potential, Enabling Services can help with advice, training, funding and equipment, allowing users to focus on their studies and achieve the best results possible.

Admitting that being provided with equipment to help her studies was “absolutely life-changing”, Michelle Wilson did what she never expected possible and achieved an ‘A’. Urging others in a similar position to seek help from Enabling Services, Michelle says

There is nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s not a big deal.

Echoing these sentiments is Anne Marie, who agrees that there is no shame in accepting support from Enabling Services: “No one should be embarrassed, no one will judge you.” Returning as a mature student was a big change for Anne Marie and, despite admitting that she considered giving up her studies at one point, she says that her work has come on “leaps and bounds” since using Enabling Services. This is an improvement which has not only made Anne Marie feel more confident, but which has been spotted by her lecturers.

A common misconception is that Enabling Services is only there for those with learning difficulties. Paul Henderson initially thought this, saying he didn’t think they would have anything in place to be able to help him. Since finding out more about the service, Paul was glad to discover the wide range of help they offer, saying

I’ve been able to get on with everything and it’s really helped.

John Forbes is another user who has been more than impressed by Enabling Services. Having gone through school without any support, John was delighted to have been pointed in the direction of Enabling Services, and even more delighted to have received help “within a few days”, stating that the support made his course “more manageable”.

According to Fayyaz Ahmed,

The Enabling Services team were very welcoming.

Fayyaz goes on to say that the service can be accessed through lecturers or other college staff, or else by visiting the Enabling Services team directly. Siobhan O’Shea agrees that getting in touch with Enabling Services was easy, saying “I feel I was sign posted well to these services when I was in college.” Craig McInnes also states that it was “easy to get in contact with the Enabling Services department”, and goes as far as to say that he “wouldn’t have made it to university If it wasn’t for the support” of the team.

With users going on to achieve great things, it is clear to see that Enabling Services can be the final brick on the road to success for some. So, whatever campus you are at, whatever course you are studying, or whatever your needs may be, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Enabling Services and find out how they can help you.

Clydebank: Teresa Henry, Room R106
Greenock: Corinne Forrester, Room R201
Paisley: Paula Lindsay, Room RE304
Sensory Services Greenock: Sharon Brophy, ARC

0141 581 2262