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We can begin to improve the way we support Autistic individuals simply by accepting and embracing the neurodiversity paradigm. This belief system gives recognition to the concept of there being more than one type of natural human brain and, as a consequence of these neuro differences, also diversity in the way that humans interact with the world around them.

Autistic people have brains and bodies which think, perceive and experience the world in a non-typical way. By learning more about the Autistic way of being you can develop an understanding which will be foundational in meaningfully supporting the Autistic individuals you work with (and beyond).

This course is intended to support those directly caring for or coming into contact with people exhibiting Neurodivergence and / or Learning Disabilities, for example

  • Teachers and other school staff. This course can help teachers and other school staff learn about how to create inclusive learning environments for students with learning disabilities. They can also learn about how to differentiate instruction and provide support to students with learning disabilities.
  • Public Sector. Frontline customer facing service personnel in facilities which will regularly host or encounter those with learning disabilities e.g. museums and other leisure facilities.
  • 3rd Sector: Volunteers who work with people with learning disabilities. These courses can help volunteers learn about the needs of people with learning disabilities and how to best support them.

This one-day training event will involve two interactive sessions designed to inform and enlighten in a strength based way

Start Date to be confirmed

Delivery: face-to-face

Price: £110 per person

For further information on this course contact or call 0141 581 2121 .

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