If you wish to submit an academic appeal you can do so online by filling in this form below.  To view our Academic Appeals Procedure click link below.

COVID 19 Academic Appeals Procedure

Exceptional Arrangements for Session 2020-2021

The procedure for undertaking some assessment decisions has had to be revised as a result of the outbreak of COVOD 19. In particular, assessment decisions, based on the professional judgement of lecturing staff/curriculum teams have had to be made on all the evidence available at the time. Awarding Bodies have provided guidance to Colleges to allow these processes to be conducted in a fair and consistent manner.

Until such times as the college staff are no longer obliged to work from home, the following criteria must be satisfied to ensure an appropriate, effective and sustainable appeals procedure operates within the College.

An academic appeal will not be considered where assessment decisions have had to be deferred as a result of regulatory body requirements and/or health and safety considerations.

An appeal against an assessment decision will be insufficient grounds for an academic appeal to be considered.

An academic appeal will only be considered if:

  • An assessment decision has been made and the student advised;
  • An attempt to seek clarification of the basis of the assessment decision has been sought from the student’s lecturer/course leader;
  • It will be the responsibility of student to demonstrate that clarification has been sought;
  • The appropriate form – contained in the College’s Academic Appeals procedure - has been used;
  • Attendance and progress have been satisfactory up until 20th March 2020;
  • Additional evidence is provided by the student that was not available to the lecturer/curriculum team when the assessment decision was made;
  • The production of additional evidence does not breach College guidance on the number of allowed assessment attempts.