Finding herself working her way through various jobs whilst bringing up two children, twenty five year old Vivien Lochhead enrolled herself at West College Scotland and has never looked back.

A year on from starting her Access to Law, Business and Humanities course, and with two work placements under her belt, Vivien has been named a Future World Changer and is looking forward to starting a Law degree at University in September.

With a strong desire to become a solicitor and then an advocate, Vivien saw joining West College Scotland as the perfect stepping stone to making this happen. The location and reputation of the college appealed to Vivien, as did the content of the course and the fact that it would open a variety of doors on completion. Despite her revelation that the workload could, at times, be challenging, Vivien pulled on the support of college staff and struck a good work-life balance, even going as far as to say:

Enrolling on this course was one of the best decisions I have made.

As well as providing the opportunity to build her skillset, boost her confidence and make great friends, Vivien’s course also allowed her to undertake two work placements. Spending time at Clydesdale Bank and Burness Paull gave Vivien a glimpse into her potential future and allowed her to build a network of professional contacts. Both placements required Vivien to carry out tasks which mirrored those expected of a qualified Law graduate, and she was given regular feedback and advice.  

Describing her Clydesdale Bank experience as “so much more than I could have expected”, Vivien goes on to say: “I had never thought about working in a bank but now it is definitely something I will consider when I qualify”. Laura Kennedy, a solicitor in Clydesdale Bank’s employment team and Vivien’s buddy during her placement there, said Vivien “approached the experience with enthusiasm and an open mind. She is a great inspiration for students joining the programme and we look forward to hearing about Vivien’s inevitable success.”

Similarly, Vivien relished her time at Burness Paull, saying “I found my week at the firm very beneficial and urge any prospective students to apply to the Burness Paull mentoring programme”.  Lorraine Bale, Graduate Recruitment & Development Advisor at Burness Paull described Vivien as “motivated, enthusiastic and well-informed”, proving the placement to be a success for both parties.

As well as being accepted to study Law at University of Glasgow in September, Vivien has been listed as one of their Future World Changers for 2018/19. As part of this, Vivien will attend an Inspiration Day in September to share her story. She has come a long way from the young girl who had no interest in education and no plans for the future and wants to prove to others that, with determination and hard work, they can follow suit:

I want to show young people that it is possible to get where you want to be.

 Looking ahead to the future, Vivien is excited to think of what it may hold, and rightly so.

Thank you West College Scotland, here's to the next chaper!

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