23-year-old, Ross Hemphill from Port Glasgow chose to study our HNC Social Sciences at the Greenock Waterfront campus after leaving university the previous year following a change of heart in what he wanted to do with his future. Having enjoyed and excelled in science-based subjects in high school, Ross didn’t have the desired qualifications to change to his preferred degree right away so he made the choice to leave university and apply for the HNC in Social Sciences at WCS to gain the relevant experience he needed.

Ross shared that using the local college as an entry route to University was the right decision, “Each module of the course was interesting in their own way, and the knowledge you gain from each subject comes together and collectively makes you more understanding of what you’ve been taught as a whole.” The course let him discover the relatedness of the subjects of Psychology, Sociology, History and Politics – right on his doorstep!

Speaking of the HNC Ross said,

 “The course also helps you become more understanding of society and any issues within it, and subsequently makes you more confident in speaking out about the issues we see and live with daily. Being able to confidently speak about social issues is another key benefit of this course, as it gives you the drive to try find solutions and aim to help people live better lives. The course provides a great bridge to a vast range of related degrees.”

Ross spoke highly of the staff and his College experience saying, “The college is a place for anyone and gets the very best out of every student. The staff are very motivating and will help with absolutely any questions you have. I especially struggled at first with thinking I had limited knowledge about politics and sociology and thought my work fell short of the level I anticipated. But the staff were quick to reassure me and show me that I should have more belief in myself because what I produced was good quality work.”

Now in his 2nd Year studying studying a BA Politics and International Relations/Social Policy at University of Strathclyde University, Ross has hopes of pursuing a career in Social Policy, hopefully with the Scottish Government.,

“I’m especially thinking about becoming a policy analyst which would see me assessing potential policy frameworks which aim to solve issues within society.”

It's never too late to change your path, apply now for HNC Social Sciences. It’s the first step in a new direction!