After witnessing first-hand the positive impact and difference that a nurse can have in someone’s life, especially to those elderly patients in the final stages of their life’s, twenty-eight year old Richard Myczko decided that a career in nursing was something that he wanted to pursue.

 “When I was sixteen years old my Nan was terminally ill and cared for by a fantastic team of nursing staff. The relationship between the nurses and my Nan was something that really touched me – the compassion and support that they gave to her was not only a comfort to her but to the whole family and I guess that’s where my interest in nursing began.”

Upon leaving school Richard planned to embark on a nursing Diploma but was discouraged by the entry requirements for the course resulting in his career taking a different direction.  Whilst working as a full-time Customer Service Agent Richard volunteered weekly at his local hospital as a ward volunteer, where his passion for nursing was heightened.

“I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at the hospital. I’d never been in a medical setting before so it gave me a real insight into what nursing involved and it really clarified for me that a career in nursing was what I wanted.”

Designed to equip mature students with the qualifications to progress on to studies in Mental Health or Adult Nursing, the Access to Nursing course at West College Scotland proved to be there perfect platform for Richard to pursue his dream.

“With limited places and high demand for the course I was thrilled when I learnt that I had secured a place.

“I knew prior that the course was going to be challenging; mainly insuring that I maintained a balance between work and study as I needed to be able to support myself financially.

“The course was strictly academic, preparing and providing us with the credits needed for higher education. The class was diverse, with a mix of ages ranging from 21 to 50 year olds, which is one of the things that I liked. I built up some great friendships and bonds that I hope will go beyond my time at college.

For me the best part was realising my potential and my ability being noticed. It really increased by self-esteem and gave me the encouragement and determination I needed to succeed.”

With the confidence to succeed and the qualifications needed to take him to the next level in his pursuit of becoming a nurse, Richard has successfully secured a university place studying Bachelor of Science in Adult Nursing. 

“It’s been through hard work, determination and passion that I have succeed. This course not only gave me the knowledge and skills to progress on to university but it’s encouraging nature gave me the self-believe to realise my potential and to go for it. Nearly all those in my class who applied for university received places and I think that alone speaks volumes.

“I’m excited and nervous about starting university but I know that if I can approach it with the same enthusiasm and commitment that I did this course I’ll be on to something good.”