I studied my make-up artistry VTCT in Coventry and I was moving to Scotland for my boyfriend’s studies. West College Scotland came highly recommended, but I was obviously keen to do my own research and I wasn’t disappointed. I was immediately impressed by the level of competition work that the college entered into and that was very appealing to me. 

Leah tells us how she got the Make-up Artistry bug. She said, ‘I was bored one night and ended up doing a zombie make-up on my boyfriend –it was hilarious and I really enjoyed doing it. From there, the rest was history I started looking into courses!’

I did the NC and HNC course and will be returning for HND. Although I’d done my qualification in England, I hadn’t done special Effects and I needed to do this. The courses all went at a good pace.

The lecturers at the College have been excellent, they really know what they are talking about and the fact that we get so much competition work has been excellent.

Curriculum Enhancement Lecturer Caroline Grehan Dunn explained,

We feel at the College that it’s important to have competition work supplement a student’s learning experience. It keeps them involved and driven in class because they are putting their skills to the test at an early stage. The Make-up industry is very competitive, so pushing them throughout the course with competition work exposes them to strive for success in their future careers.’

Leah in the past 6 months has been successful at several competitions. She arrived home victorious from both the regional and final heats of the Association of Hairdressing and Therapists (AHT) competition, where she collected first and 2nd place for her creation for the Total Look Fantasy category. At the Worldskills competition in May 2017, Leah also picked up second place for the Media Body category.

She said, ‘It’s such a rush doing the competitions. I have suffered from bad anxiety for as long as I can remember and the competition work has really helped build up my confidence. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to focus on the task at hand -  I cannot tell you how delighted I was with the results. I’d like to work in film or for a big brand like Illamasqua – I like the quirkiness of the brand and these competition wins have given me the confidence and the experience to stand out from the crowd.

‘My advice to any students thinking about studying make-up artistry would be to be prepared to work hard. You have to be dedicated and creative. it’s very in-depth and you study so many different styles such as Fashion make up, body painting, special effects so you get the whole experience. I already know what I’m going to be working on for my HND Graded Unit and I cannot wait to get started in August.’ 

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