Kim said, ‘In high school I enjoyed and was good at science, I didn’t dread to go and study it. I liked that the course at WCS was biology/chemistry based and not physics and maths – I wasn’t particularly strong at these subjects at school.’

The NC Applied Course at West College Scotland offers those studying it the opportunity to gain the skills needed to get a trainee technician role in a laboratory or move onto further study. In addition to that it incorporates a work experience module which students an advantage when applying for further study.

Therese Shearer, Curriculum and Quality leader for Science at the Clydebank Campus said, ‘To become a scientist you need experience in experimentation – so gaining suitable work experience is crucial. Our department have worked very hard over the years to make sure we can offer our students suitable work experiences through our industry partners.’

Kim agrees that work experience was important for her studies, she said

My time at college had great work experience opportunities; my placement was in the Queen Elizabeth University Labs. Having such amazing work experience was definitely a big selling point for University – and it was so advantageous to have when going up against other applicants

She talks about the course syllabus and how it inspired her. Kim said, ‘I fell in love with Biology and Chemistry units and it sparked my interest, so I decided to study biochemistry. I will take my whole career in this direction after doing this course here.

It was a really enjoyed course, some parts were difficult like the physics and maths, but the lecturers made the course so enjoyable. There was never an out of hour’s moment with the lecturers which was very comforting.

My advice would be to make sure that you start your science technical project really – don’t leave it until the last minute, and you need to really concentrate on the maths aspects.

I 100% loved my course, it was very exciting and the lecturers’ passion and drive was infectious. There are so many opportunities once you’ve finished, whether it’s going on to further study or travelling. Although it’s a specialised course, a close group of us have all done something different things. The course gave us loads of confidence and that is due to the support and encouragement of the lecturers.

My college course gave me the confidence and a good knowledge base. I felt well prepared for my HNC Applied Science Course, which I’ve just finished. I’m looking forward to studying Post Grad in Medicine after I finish my University course.

My journey started at West College Scotland.

For more information on the NC Applied Science Level 5 & 6 courses at West College Scotland starting in August click here.