Specialising in high definition wedding and special occasion make-up, Katie is renowned for her extensive portfolio, professionalism and flexibility.

Speaking to Katie she tells us about her journey from student to award-winning make-up artist.

“As a naturally creative person I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to hone in on my artistic skills, and when I stumbled across the make-up artistry course I knew straight away that’s what I wanted to do. ‘It’s a fantastic course which focuses on teaching students a range of techniques including fashion make-up, special effects, theatre, prosthetics and body painting, allowing you to develop an extensive range of skills – there’s a lot more to make-up than just applying some lippy.”

Keen to cultivate the skills ascertained in class, Katie secured herself a part-time job with Max Factor.

“It was a great way to get my foot in the door and gain some industry experience at the same time as studying. I spent about 2 years with Max Factor before taking a full-time job with Lancôme once I had graduated. They sent me on a 5 day training course to London which was really beneficial. Retail work is great for experience and variety as you never know who is going to come and sit in your chair for a makeover and it also helps you gain a lot of product knowledge and customer service.”

Gaining a wealth of experience from working in retail, Katie decided it was time to take the leap and venture out on her own, setting up her own business ‘Katie Hellier Make-up’.

“After a few year’s working in retail I felt the time was right to go freelance. It took a good few months to get established, which I appreciated it would, so I focused my time on generating as much advertising as I could through social media and word of mouth and built a website that I used as a platform to promote my portfolio.

The hard work began to pay off and the bookings started coming in. Since then I’ve never looked back.

'I do a lot of bridal and special occasion make-up which I love; it’s an amazing feeling to be able to make people feel great about themselves. I also do one-to-one lessons and master classes and when Halloween comes around it’s a lot of special effects, so it’s great to have the variety.”

Reflecting on her journey, it’s clear to Katie that the make-up artistry course combined with industry experience has aided her to be where she is today.

‘The make-up industry has really taken off so I think I got involved at the right time.

Although you can learn so much online now, I don’t think it’s the same as the personal, hands-on experience that you get from college.

The course gives you a real understanding of make-up and the feedback from lecturers is invaluable.”

Working in such a competitive industry Katie strives to be the best she can, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and continuously up-skilling.

“With the industry taking off like it has and with people wanting to have their make-up done all the time, there’s plenty work out there for everyone. You have to be committed and have your head in the game. My weekends are crazy busy with back-to-back to appointments leaving my week days to respond to enquiries and allowing me to be active of social media updating my pages with ideas and inspiration.

‘I love what I do. I get so much satisfaction from making people feel good – it really doesn’t feel like a job which not many people can say.”

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