Working overseas can mean a lot of things – it can mean long hours in a busy job, it can mean using your free time to meet new people and discover new places. But, in James Twigg’s case, it also meant developing his skillset and improving his knowledge. James decided that being miles away from home wasn’t going to stop him from doing this, and he enrolled in one of West College Scotland’s free distance learning courses.

He said, “I had plenty of time to spare whilst working overseas and wanted to do something constructive with it.”

James chose to study a Level 2 Certificate in Health and Safety, which complemented his full-time role working as a medic on renewable energy installations.

He states, “Health and Safety is an area that medics are often involved with and sometimes expected to take charge of, so I decided to do this course to give me a basic understanding of the subject and to see if I wanted to go on to do further qualifications in it.”

James thoroughly enjoyed his distance learning course; it offered him an excellent opportunity to further his knowledge and upgrade his CV and, best of all, he could fit it around his schedule.  

“My favourite parts of the course were the section regarding COSHH risk assessments and applying the course to my own work as part of the course tasks. I would advise anyone thinking about studying the course to do so as the course will give you a basis in Health and Safety knowledge and give a good grounding to go on to further study.”

James has recently secured a new job closer to home, and is required to undertake training in the form of both distance and traditional learning as part of this. Thanks to his recent experience of distance learning at West College Scotland, James feels prepared to take on the opportunities his new role presents.

“The distance learning course has helped me to get my mind back into the right frameset for academic study. I will definitely consider WCS and distance learning in the future as finding time for my young family and work commitments, combined with my financial situation, means that it is by far the best option for me to grow as an individual and to help further my career.”

West College Scotland offers multiple distance learning courses which cover a whole range of categories. In order to find out more about, or apply for, our distance learning courses, click here.