Returning to education after 25 years is a step which Deborah Gallacher initially found daunting, but one she describes as “the best decision I ever made”.

While many forty-four year olds would shudder at the thought of putting themselves through not one but three years of studying, Deborah had noticed a decline in the availability of work opportunities and decided to take action. Initially enrolling for Access to Humanities at West College Scotland’s Paisley campus in 2015, she has now completed her HNC and HND in Social Sciences, a process she calls "a very enjoyable experience". With plans to progress on to 3rd year of University and achieve an Honours degree in the subject, Deborah’s final aim is to become a teacher and continue her “love for learning”.

But how did it all begin? Having focussed all her efforts on her role as a mother, Deborah admits that she often worked jobs with “no real satisfaction” and yearned to expand her learning and improve her career prospects. Working in a job which could “help improve peoples’ lives” and allow her to “make a difference” were also of importance to Deborah, and both were major factors in her course choices.

Despite labelling college as “an eye opener”, Deborah says that she instantly felt at home at West College Scotland, and she describes the lecturers as “second to none”. Impressed by their “professionalism and patience”, Deborah says of her lecturers: “they were there every step of the way to help and guide” the students. Deborah has no regrets about her choice of course and says that she would “definitely recommend college” to others, stating that:

 Education is a very important part of life and I would urge anybody to go for it.

Admitting that her experience at school wasn’t a great one, Deborah embraced life as a mature student, saying “I am now more confident, with good life experience and a real academic understanding, and believe I will gain employment when I finish university.

“I can honestly say going back to college is the best decision I ever made”.

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