Connor Wilson, 19 from Faifley tells us how his Modern Apprenticeship has geared him up for a successful future in Automotive Engineering.

‘Ever since I was a young boy I liked cars, trucks and how they worked. I race dirt bikes and I work on them too, so I had a bit of knowledge before I came to college to study my Motor Vehicle Level 2 Diploma after school.’

When Connor completed his Level 2 Diploma he was then given the opportunity to undertake a Modern Apprenticeship via Day Release at German Autocare in Clydebank. German Autocare is a Mercedes Benz dealer with 15 years’ experience working with and repairing premium German vehicles. Garage owner Kevin Baird knows how important it is to have competent and driven staff.

Kevin said, ‘Connor has been a sterling employee at the Garage. He’s eager to learn and is always willing to get his hands dirty – and in this industry that’s a given. I’m pleased with how he applies his theory to his practical work in the Garage. ’

Stephen Craig, Skills Programme Coordinator said, ‘Connor was the ideal candidate for a Modern Apprenticeship. He had a great attitude to his work and application to work was excellent –the right attributes that any employer looks for.’

The Modern Apprenticeship covered the Level 2/3 Diploma, SVQ and core skills - a strong mix of theory and practical elements.

Stephen added, ‘Connor progressed very quickly throughout his qualification and has completed all his qualifications with City & Guilds. He is now he is gathering work placement evidence, so the end is in sight.’

Two years after Connor started at the College he reflects at his time here and said, ‘I really liked the mix of college work and being in the workplace. The lecturers were fantastic and it allowed me to be much more hands on in the garage. The structure of the course was good and there was an option to study online if I needed to.

‘I’ve really got a lot from my Modern Apprenticeship; it was a great way for me to learn. I’d like to work my way up so one day I can have my own garage.’