Our Schools Vocational Programmes provide senior phase pupils with the ideal opportunity to explore subject areas and possible career opportunities which they may not have the opportunity to do within the school environment.

Taking advantage of the programme, 18 year-old Callum Stewart from St Andrews Academy in Paisley, tells us about his experience and how it felt to study in what is predominately a female industry.

“Beauty therapy and make-up artistry is something that I have an interest in, so when the college Vocational Programme presented the opportunity to sample the industry I decided to go for it as it’s not something that I was able to do in school.

‘I wasn’t at all nervous about the fact that it’s typically seen as a female industry. It’s an environment that I feel comfortable and at ease in and it wasn’t an issue with any of my peers or clients - everyone was accepting of me being a male therapist.”

Now approaching the end of the programme, Callum is leaving with a range of new skills, confidence and friends, and has only positive things to say about his time at college.

“I enjoyed all aspects of the course.

Having the opportunity to experience new things, gain new skills and meet people from different schools was great.

'The whole college setting is very different to school – it’s much more informal and relaxed and for me that made for a great learning environment and one that was really enjoyable.”

Having secured a place at University studying Nursing, Callum is confident he will be able to utilise some of the skills ascertained in class to that of his future career.

“I was never certain on what career path I wanted to follow and if anything I thought it would be computing, but what I enjoy most is working with people and with computing being quite isolated I knew it wasn’t for me.

‘Although nursing and beauty therapy are very different careers there are also some similarities; they’re both clinical environments where bedside manner, communication and team work are key, so I know I will be able to transfer some of the skills learned in college to nursing."

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