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What will I learn?

More than one in three adults aged over 65 falls and injures themselves every year. Falls have been the most common and serious type of accident experienced by people over 65 for many years.

This qualification is aimed at anyone working in a healthcare or social care environment, particularly those that support or have contact with older people who have an increased risk of falling. This includes individuals working in hospitals, care homes. It will could also be benefit to anyone helping to care for individuals living in their own home.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Falls in Context
  • Risk Factors and Causes of Falls
  • Falls Assessment and Prevention
  • Managing Falls

This is a marked course which requires short essay style answers to allow your assigned marker to be able to identify that you have understood the skills and knowledge to meet the awarding body standards. The awarding body for this course is NCFE.

For this course you will receive hard copy learning materials. The Assessments for the course are based online.

What qualifications do I need?

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, as it is part delivered online it would be beneficial if the candidate had basic competence in IT and the internet.

This course does not require a personal statement.

What can I do after?

This course provides progression to further NCFE programmes.  It is also a good starting point for those individuals who are interested in entering a career in the healthcare sector.

Programme Information

Duration: From your start date on the course you have 16-20 weeks to complete your course. You could complete in 10 weeks or use the full 20 weeks- it's up to you. Please be aware that you could be withdrawn from your course if submission dates are vastly overdue. If at any point you are struggling with deadlines you should contact us for an extension which we will assign where possible.

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