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HNC Graphic Design students were thrilled to take part in a worldwide wall art project set by Artist James Reid.

Collage Outside 3.jpg

The first Scottish based project saw the students manipulate a series of pre-printed artwork, by tearing, cutting, and reshaping the prints before piecing it together in a creative collage to create their very own original piece of art.

HNC Graphic Design student, Deborah Aikman said, “We were all really excited to see the Jamie Reid posters, he is a radical artist and anarchist, best known for his work with the Sex Pistols.

‘We laid out the posters so we could read the slogans on them and get a feel for the artwork . His work is created by using torn words out of newspapers, like a ransom note onto colourful artwork .

‘We chose the posters that inspired us the most and had a great time pasting them up on the college wall.

The finished collage looked fantastic and creative. A fun day at college.


The collage which was created to naturally decay over a period of time, featured on a wall next to the main campus which was enjoyed by staff and students for a few days before the great Scottish weather washed it away.

Curriculum and Quality Leader for Art, Design and Interior Architecture, Billy Kinnear said, “This was a wonderful project for our students to be involved in. The students got to create new and original art-work, based on the works provided by Jamie Reid.

It was a great team effort and was a wonderful experience for all involved. So very proud of what they achieved. It looked fantastic.