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The Scottish Government acknowledges that an enthusiastic and trained workforce underpins Scotland's ambition for economic success. Modern Apprenticeships support this goal by providing individuals with the opportunity to secure industry recognised qualifications while earning a wage.


The Pre-Apprenticeship Programme courses that West College Scotland offer provide the learner with the skills and knowledge required to make them an appealing candidate for employers who are looking to take on an apprentice.

They may be school or vocational based (or a mix of the two). In some cases, Pre-Apprenticeship programmes are specifically designed to aid the transition to, and completion of, a full apprenticeship. In other cases, they take the form of lower level qualifications, which may help transition or completion, but where these are not specific programme objectives.

Like other apprenticeship schemes, a Pre-Apprentice course provides the students with an understanding of the area of work they want to gain an apprenticeship in. Doing so helps students discover what is required to succeed and helps manage expectations of the standards employers are looking for. Upon Completion of a Pre-Apprenticeship, students will have a head start that will grant them a competitive edge when it comes to finding employment.

If you are highly motivated and have a willingness to learn with a positive attitude, these courses could be ideal for you.

To discover more about the Pre-Apprenticeships courses the College offers, visit our website