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West College Scotland was proud to host its very own International Chefs Day event at our Paisley Campus.

Since 2004, the World Association of Chefs’ Society has held the event to celebrate the noble profession and pass on the knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation. In recent years, Worldchefs has partnered with Nestle to educate young people on the importance of healthy eating and how food affects our bodies internally.

Nearly 100 pupils from secondary schools around Renfrewshire were able to take part in fun workshops that taught them about the intricacies of working in hospitality. Students were joined by 4 chefs from the industry as well as a leading cocktail/mocktail expert who demonstrated just how easy it is to make a healthy dish that didn’t sacrifice flavour. Everyone was encouraged to take part to see just how easy these dishes are to make.

“All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day with some even saying they would love to come to the college to study professional cookery”. 

The students were more than keen to get their hands dirty and get involved. Georgia Samson, 15, from Park Mains High School, said, “I really enjoyed the experience. It’s a different way of learning – it’s good to get into a different environment”.   

Another Park Mains student, Caitlin Daly, 15, said, “It’s been good because I really like home economics. I like to cook at home and would even like to teach the subject one day.”

Curriculum Enhancement Leader, Christopher Watson, arranged the event and was eager for young students to get involved. He said, “We had a great day cooking healthy dishes like whole meal pizza, banana ice cream and fatless chocolate mousse. It was great to see so many students taking part and learning how to create dishes for themselves. I think it will encourage them to try new things and lead a healthier lifestyle.”

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