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Following on from a design brief where students were to create an artistic studio for a contemporary artist, thirty-three-year-old Kike Pavlick decided to contact admired Stockholm Artist Martin Bergström for his expertise and guidance.


A few months ago our HND Interior Design students were given a brief to work to which was mentored by David Ross, Director of Keppie Design Limited. The brief was simple - students were to create ‘an artist studio’ for a contemporary artist.

Thirty three year old HND Interior Design student Kike Pavlik from Paisley knew exactly who she wanted to design her studio for, she commented, ‘  I knew straight away that I would love to design a studio for one of my favourite contemporary artists - Martin Bergström.’

Bergström was educated at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm and Universität der Kunste in Berlin where he graduated with an M.A. in Textiles in 2005. Bergström has an artistic outlook when it comes to fashion and design. Originally, and still, a fashion designer, his ingenuity is also applied to such diverse fields as stage outfits, interior design, prints, set design and styling - using everything from fruits, decomposing fabrics, ink stains and forgotten handicraft techniques to bring his compositons alive.

Kike who followed Martin’s work on Instagram didn’t think twice about getting in touch with the Swedish Artist who was based nearly 1400 miles away to see if he’d be keen to help.

Kike explained, ‘We were encouraged to contact our chosen artist, so we could build our communications skills and gain essential information to design our projects. I was following Martin Bergström on Instagram and I dropped him a message telling him about my project and if he’d be happy to provide some help and advice. I didn’t expect that he would message me back - but he did!’

From there the two creatives swapped email addresses and started communicating about Kike’s project. Martin providing invaluable support and advice about Kike’s design project over several months.

Kike added, ‘From the very beginning Martin was very helpful, supportive and friendly about my design project. He always answered my questions clearly and his answers were straight forward; he never left me with doubts or feeling confused. And that was incredibly important because I felt I am on track with my design project.’

Direct communication with Kike’s client was hugely important for the success of the HND project. Kike added, ‘I did feel that Martin was there for me through the whole process of designing the studio. Being able to email him made the decision-making and experimenting stage of the project quick and easy as he provided me a lot of information.’

Through the communication Kike was able to glean from Martin the different type of work he does; how he goes about his work; how much space he needs and what he likes when he is working to make sure he gets the best result possible.

Kike added, ‘It was just so easy to talk to Martin. He was so polite and professional. I feel extremely lucky that I had that wonderful communication with my client and that he was so open minded and encouraging. It gave me a lot of confidence and make that project very exciting.

The project showed me a different level of designing. When you are working with a client you have that feeling that the design doesn’t belong to you anymore and it should have a different purpose-  and that purpose is to meet your client requirements because he is the most important person in that project.

Martin was hoping he could attend the Final Presentation but due to other commitments it wasn’t possible.  Martin gave some kind words to Kike before she pitched her project.

He said, “Thank you so much for the Final Boards. So inspiring! What an amazing work you have done. Love that you have made all these details. Even the small dog, the flowers and all the materials. Beautiful sketches! I want to build that studio one day! So lovely! Wish you all the best of luck.’

Kike said, ‘I was very nervous to present my design proposal to Martin but he gave me such a wonderful feedback, that words gave me wings to fly. It was just a magnificent experience, not only from a design context but to have a chance to get to know someone who inspires you. Now when I look on Martin Bergström’s artwork it has a different meaning because I know that behind that piece of art there is a wonderful personality of a great artist.’

Interior and Graphic Design Lecturer Lola Paterson commented, ‘Kike is an outstanding very talented and committed students. To have the opportunity to engage with her artist Martin Bergström was very valuable for her final design solutions. Kike is currently being interviewed for Art Schools and I am sure this project has enhanced her portfolio tremendously’.

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