Lynne Daisley, WCS HNC Engineering  Systems Course Graduate, is now employed as an Offshore Electrical Technichian at Wood Group. We've asked her three questions about her journey at College and into work. Read what she says:

How did the course help you achive your ambitions?

I learned so much from the lecturers and I am now realising the scale of knowledge I picked up. The course prepared me very well for my job as I personally had no engineering background whatsoever, it gave me the basic knowledge and understanding of such a vast area. I'm now working in the electrical field with Wood Group but the mechanical, hydraulics, electronic circuits and all the other topics I've learned about will help me too as I'm looking to become multi-disciplined.

What do you like the most about your job?

With my employment, Wood Group is paying for me to expand my knowledge through further study. This will definitively help me grow my engineering career.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Take as much as you can from the course. Enjoy it an you will be rewarded in the future. The workload seems a lot at times but as you further your education or career, then it all falls into place and makes everything worthwhile.