Kelsey Finlay, WCS HNC Engineering Systems Course Graduate is now at Strathclyde University studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. We asked her 3 questions about her journey through college.  Read what she says:

What did you expect from the course?

I expected a lot of work overall - which was the case.  However, for an engineering course, I was expecting a lot of theory and not as much practical knowledge as the course actually provided.  This really was a bonus!  Also, I liked the fact that a vast variety of engineering disciplines were addressed throughout the course.  This helped me decide on the career path I wanted to follow.

What did you gain from the course?

The course allowed me to gain a place at Strathclyde University to study electrical and electronic engineering.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

You have to be certain that you want to study engineering as you need to be committed to get all the work done.  The course is a great way to get into engineering even if you are unsure of the exact sector you want to work in.