Q: Is this funding really fully funded? Are there any hidden costs?

A: Yes it’s 100% fully funded! The Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) is a Scottish Government initiative that enables employers to address priority skills and skills gaps in their organisation by accessing funding to create training programmes that meet their needs. There are no hidden costs. However, where training costs exceed the fund, then the organisation can pay the balance in excess of that sum.


Q: My organisation is an SME AND pays the Apprenticeship Levy – can I apply for both funds?

A: Unfortunately not. You can only apply for Phase 1 (up to £15,000 for levy payers) or Phase 2 (up to £5,000 for SMEs) funding, not both.


Q: When do I need to apply by?

A: To take advantage of this fully funded training you must submit a completed application and have provided the necessary evidence of your organisation’s status by 31 July 2022. Training should commence by 31 August 2022.


Q: If I miss out, will I have another opportunity to apply?

A: Details of funding allocations for 2022/23 has yet to be confirmed to providers although SFC have confirmed that funding will continue in 2022/23. We hope this will be soon but please get in touch to express an interest and we can advise as soon as funding is confirmed.


Q: How do I find out if my business is entitled to or how can I apply?

A: Contact the College’s friendly business engagement team on 0800 052 9612, or fill out the contact form https://bit.ly/fwdfform to arrange an initial discussion about your eligibility and training needs.


Q: Will the training have to be undertaken at West College Scotland?

A: Not necessarily, the College can deliver training at your premises or on one of their campuses. Online training is also available where requested.


Q: Will there be any formal record of completion?

A: Yes all learners will receive an electronic certificate upon completion of their course.