Dermalogica skin care products are created in response to today’s demand for highly active products that work in a simple and effective manner. Dermalogica products are researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute and allow our skin care therapists to design a personalised system for each client. All clients will receive a complete prescription sheet at the end of their treatments outlining recommended home care products, etc.

Face Mapping (60 minutes) £15

Ideal for first time clients who want to experience a Dermalogica Facial. Your skin will be analysed by our skin therapists who will design a skin care treatment and home care prescription a unique experience.

Prescriptive Facial (60 minutes) £15

A luxurious personalised facial incorporating Dermalogica serum additives and boosters to intensively treat and rebalance each ‘individual’ skin requirements.

Skin Brightening Treatment (50 minutes) £15

Using an appropriate exfoliation system, this treatment helps regulate uneven pigmentation and skin texture, helping balance the complexion.

Men’s Skin Care Treatment (60 minutes) £15

Designed to address unique problems of male skin irritation.

Vacuum Suction & Indirect High Frequency (60 mins) £15

This facial drainage treatment provides benefits such as improved skin texture and helps relieve congestion. A must for clients requiring facial revitalisation.

Galvanic & High Frequency (60 minutes) £15

This intensive treatment uses advanced technology together with Dermalogica highly-effective formula to provide key skin benefits such as deep cleansing and nourishment.

Mini £5

Facial (Dermalogica) £15

Customised with electrotherapy £15

Microdermabrasion £20

CACI £25

the most advanced non-surgical treatment system for face. Book 10 for £200 (two free sessions)

Book into your campus Hair & Beauty Academy and pamper yourself.

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Book into your campus Hair & Beauty Academy and pamper yourself.