Self-financing - Payment of all Tuition Fees

All course fees under the value of £200 must be paid in full before the start date of the course.

Courses fees over £200 may be paid in monthly instalments on completion of a payment plan by way of standing order at the time of course booking. A standing order mandate should be requested from Finance for completion of bank details and to be signed. A minimum monthly payment of £30 is required and full payment must be completed no later than one month prior to the end of the course. Monthly payment terms and duration will vary dependent upon course type and/or length. 

This scheme is not available to International students.

Tuition Fees Policy 2018-19 


Refunds of course fees will only be granted when either the College cancels the course or if the student withdraws from a course within the first 6 weeks.  Refunds will only be considered in the event of exceptional changed circumstances.

Refunds will be paid by cheque or BACS payment only, regardless of payment method.

Full-Time SAAS

If you are a student in Higher Education (HNC or HND) you should visit the undergraduate section of the SAAS (Student Award Agency for Scotland) website or call on 0300 555 0505 to make an application for funding.  This should be completed at your earliest convenience prior to the start of your course to ensure your application is processed in time for you commencing your studies.

You should note that if you do not apply to SAAS or if they deem you ineligible for support – which may be on the grounds of residence or previous study – you are liable for the payment of fees and will be invoiced in full by the college. SAAS pays the tuition fee direct to the College for all eligible students.

Full-time Bursary

All students attending a full-time non-advanced course (NC) must complete an online funding application to have their course fees covered. Failure to apply will result in the student being liable for the full cost of the course fee.  When you receive an offer of a course place, you will receive an activation email enabling you to make a student funding application online.  If you require assistance to complete the online application or do not have access to a computer or the internet please contact our Student Funding department,

Rest of the UK (RUK) fees

If your main residence is in England, Wales or Ireland your fee status for tuition fees will be RUK.  The amount of this fee is in line with our International rates and not the home rate.  If you have any queries regarding this please contact for more information.

Fee Waiver

There are some courses that the fee / partial fee can be waived for students on certain benefits. Students will be required to provide current evidence of benefit or entitlement before the start of their course.  Please complete a fee waiver form (link below) and take the appropriate evidence of benefit/entitlement to your campus Finance department.

Fee Waiver Policy

Fee Waiver Form

Individual Learning Accounts

Individual Training Accounts (previously called Individual Learning Accounts)

The ILA funding scheme is being refreshed and the College expects the new Individual Training Accounts (ITA) scheme to become live during October 2017. The ILA scheme is now closed to new applications.

The College is currently awaiting clearance from Skills Development Scotland to become an ITA approved provider. If you are eligible for ITA funding then you will still be entitled to funding of up to £200 per year towards training. The key differences between ILAs and ITAs are that you will  be able to submit only one application in any learner year, and that any courses undertaken will be in direct support of your career progression.

For further information see SDS - My World of Work

Part Time Fee Grant

PTG Application Forms can be downloaded from here.  

Part Time Fee Grants may be available for students earning up to £25,000 who are undertaking a part time HNC or HND course. Applications must be submitted to SAAS within three months of the course start date. Students who are not in possession of their SAAS award letter at the start of their course will be liable for full fee.   Full payment or payment arrangements will be required if the student has not received their award letter at the start of their course. Refunds or revised arrangements will be made upon presentation of SAAS award letter.

Employer/Sponsor Paying

If your employer/Sponsor is paying your fees please submit a letter from your Organisation on company headed paper.  The letter must state your name, course details and be signed by an appropriate authorised member of staff.   An invoice will then be sent direct to your employer/sponsor.

Please note employer/sponsor letters must be submitted within 2 weeks of enrolment otherwise the student will be invoiced directly.