West College Scotland is committed to promoting, supporting and safeguarding the wellbeing of our students.

If you are aged 16 - 26 and care experienced (looked-after or a care leaver), it is important that you let us know. Your college experience will be exactly the same as any other student, but you also can rely on having a named person within the college to support you in the background, whenever you need them.

That person will:

  • provide you with help and advice about courses, funding, making your application, accessing opportunities and support, and having the best possible start at West College Scotland.
  • guide and support you during your studies, in a way that is seamless and invisible to others. They will ensure you are supported, respected and able to access the fullest range of services and opportunities.
  • help you move on when it's time – whether to another course with us; moving on to university; employment; or taking on something new.

The technical name for that person is a ‘Corporate Parent’. In reality, that person is a member of our Student Services team who is easy to access and has a genuine interest in you. S/he will also have a good working relationship with external partners such as Who Cares? Scotland and each of the local authorities within the West region. With your consent, we can work closely with the relevant throughcare, aftercare and social work teams to ensure they too are able to support you throughout your journey with us at West College Scotland.

Email: corporate.parent@wcs.ac.uk or ce@wcs.ac.uk 
Telephone: 01475 553 066

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Useful links:

- Who Cares? Scotland


- The Who Cares Trust

- The Who Cares Trust College Handbook for Looked After Young People and Care Leavers

Propel (Propel is brought to you by The Who Cares? Trust, a voice for children in care. Everything we do is designed to improve the day-to-day experience of children and young people in care - and their future.)