Course content

What will I learn?

This is an entry level course designed for candidates to develop knowledge and skills required to plan, prepare and deliver a training session to individuals and small groups. The course includes the following topics:

  • Basic learning theory
  • Write learning aims and objective
  • Plan a training session
  • Training methods/techniques
  • Resources required to deliver a training session
  • Presentation skills

What qualifications do I need?

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, as it is delivered online it would be beneficial if the candidate had basic competence in IT and the internet.

This course does not require a personal statement.

What can I do after?

This course is a good starting point for those individuals who are interested in a career in learning and development.  It is also an attractive option for those in employment and who wish to undertake subject specific continuous professional development. 

Programme Information

From your start date on the course you have up to 9 weeks to complete your course. You could complete your course in 2 weeks or use the full 9 weeks- it's up to you. Study whenever you want, at your own pace.

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