CAN YOU HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE and shape the future of Scotland’s largest College?
The Board of Management at West College Scotland are keen to recruit motivated individuals who understand the value of education and training – but more importantly who can help the College achieve its ambitions for the future. The Board is now seeking individuals who have, or who are capable of developing, the skills to deal with complex issues and promote the highest standards of governance. Applications are particularly welcome from individuals with strategic financial management experience.

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Closing date for applications is Monday 15 May 2017.

The Board of Management is responsible for overseeing the College’s activities, determining its future direction and fostering an environment in which the College’s vision is achieved. Members are appointed following a fair, open and merit-based recruitment process, and the Board also includes the College Principal, elected members of staff and representatives of the Student Association.

Board of Management

  • Keith McKellar

    Keith McKellar

    Keith McKellar, Chair of the Board of Management
  • Audrey Cumberford

    Audrey Cumberford

    Principal & Chief Executive
  • Jacqueline Henry

    Jacqueline Henry

    Vice Chair of the Board of Management
  • Nick Allan

    Nick Allan

    Board of Management
  • Mike Haggerty

    Mike Haggerty

    Board of Management
  • Jim Hannigan

    Jim Hannigan

    Board of Management
  • Andrew Hetherington

    Andrew Hetherington

    Board of Management
  • Jenifer Johnston

    Jenifer Johnston

    Board of Management
  • Lyndsay Lauder

    Lyndsay Lauder

    Board of Management
  • John McMillan

    John McMillan

    Board of Management
  • Alison Mitchell

    Alison Mitchell

    Board of Management
  • Mark Newlands

    Mark Newlands

    Board of Management
  • Joyce White

    Joyce White

    Board of Management
  • Andrew Hunter

    Andrew Hunter

    Student President
  • Moses Apiliga

    Moses Apiliga

    Student Representative on the Board
  • Linda Johnston

    Linda Johnston

    Board of Management
  • John Leburn

    John Leburn

    Board of Management